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Estateducation Blog

Welcome to our Blog! We’re so passionate about what we do on a daily basis that we love to blog about it as well as address key subjects either affecting or potentially affecting the property market in the United Kingdom. From tax-efficience purchase structures through to refurbishment project management there's something for everyone to benefit from within this blog. 

Whether you’re a new or seasoned property investor, developer or landlord, we believe one never stops learning so we recommend you make yourself a brew and enjoy the read! 

If you’d like to contribute and post your own article on this page then please send an email to hey@estateducation.co.uk. We'd be happy to share your knowledge, experience and positive results with our community. 

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What are the pitfalls and downfalls to buying property at auction?

Buying at auction carries the same legal implications as a signed contract and that contract binding as soon as the hammer falls, unlike a normal purchase where the buyer and...

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What’s the lowdown of the changes to the private rented sector taking place on 1st October 2015?

From 1st October 2015, landlords are required by law to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties.

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