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Property Education

We LOVE to teach like-minded people how to make money through property investing. We have been investing in property for decades, both small and large scale - locally, nationally and overseas - and continue to do so on a daily basis. We know what works and what doesn't and have evolved to such a stage that we're now in a position to provide you with access to joint venture equity partner funding as part of our training and educational program! Intrigued? 

Our model is completely unique in that we are the first and only Property Educational company in the UK to offer its attendees exclusive access to joint venture equity partner funding hence why we're regarded as the UK's Bespoke Property Investing, Networking & Educational Co.!

We don't sell the dream we give it to you in your lap instead. Only 300,000 out of the 23,000,000+ working population in the UK earn more than GBP 100,000 per year! We're here to change that and give you a financially-free life only one can dream of whilst ensuring we provide the UK Government with the demand its housing shortage needs, it's a complete win-win.

Our Property Training and Educational Program is centered around our Joint Venture Funding Community because the more people we can teach about how to make money in the various different strategies, how to find opportunities, how to package them together, how to project manage refurbishments and how to achieve exit strategies the more successful our Funding Community will be! We like to think we haven't left any stone unturned and have put together a model that manages everything from researching, sourcing, finance brokerage, sales progression, conveyancing, refurbishment & interior design project management, lettings, property management, sales and property tax-efficient accounting. We literally give you the keys to the door, it's up to you to turn the key!

We're not your stereotypical 'Property Educational Company' trying to sell you every course under the sun - we'll leave that to them. Instead, we're focused on teaching you what we do because if it works for us, with the right mindset and determination, it will work for you too. No need to waste more money on property courses, instead join the Estateducation Investors Community and we will provide you with both the strategy and the joint venture equity partner funds you need on every profitable property investment you find!

Within our Investors Community, we have bought and sold over 500 properties, sourced and sold deals to fellow property investors, joint ventured with friends and family and their friends and family, built portfolios, saved people’s homes from being repossessed, bought and sold at auctions, split titles, assisted sales and built a business that is systematised to make profits from everything property… Do we sound like the bunch of eagles you wish to fly with?

We literally live and breathe property investing and now's your chance to do exactly the same!

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