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The Estateducation Property Network (EPN) Event, in association with the National Landlord Association (NLA), is a network of educational, inspirational and motivational people that come together once a month to learn how to invest, manage, flip, hold or develop property whilst building a wealth of property knowledge and local connections.

90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate 

For those with goals to live a better life, to be financially free, to have options, or to give your family a life you didn’t have, who can ignore the above sentence?

Whether you’re new to property investing or you’re a seasoned pro, when it comes to investing we all learn something new every single day. You'll meet property investors that have been there, done it and got the t-shirt therefore providing you with a wealth of knowledge... For FREE. 

We aim to meet on the first Wednesday of every two months and each time there is a something different being discussed covering key areas such as the latest investment strategies, local planning policies, building regulations, property tax-efficient accounting, joint ventures, construction tips, political status, social demographics, current economy, property law, and important landlord and developer obligations.

The major difference with our network is that each of the Key Note Speakers that are presenting their relevant areas of expertise are required to do so whilst be streamed LIVE on social media as we want our community to feel they're mingling with those that know their businesses inside out, so much so that they're not concerned about only showing you the edited bits! 

Here's some videos of previous events and the quality of the content you can expect to pick up when attending our network https://www.facebook.com/estateducationuk/videos

Sound interesting...? What else does one gain by attending?

  1. Learn how to become a property investor, developer or landlord 
  2. Already a seasoned pro? We'll teach you more than you already know  
  3. Meet with successful property investors, developers and landlords and benefit from shared knowledges and experiences 
  1. Mingle with the the Panel of Experts that will help you succeed 
  2. Find out about our lifecycle investing model
  3. Discover how joint venturing can produce property profits that usually can't be achieved on your own 

Estateducation’s Property Network (EPN) is like no other. Think speed dating, knowledge, inspiration, success, guidance, connections, business partners, friends for life, and combine them all together and you’ll be close to describing what the network brings to you.

We often hear our network is our net worth; part and parcel of having a strong network is to have ‘local’ connections. When attending the EPN you’ll be in a room mingling with local planning consultants, architects, building regulators, contractors, estate agents, lettings agents, property tax accountants, insurance brokers, quantity surveyors, civil & structural engineers, finance brokers and landlord associations. This panel of experts that can take months to build up are all waiting for you in one room. Property is and always will be local, and by networking every month with the same like-minded local people as determined as you are, will result in your goals being reality very quickly.

We hate going to networking events whereby you sit and speak only to the people you’re sitting at the same table or in the same row with. That’s everything we don’t do hence why we created the property world’s version of speed dating! Whilst we love hearing success stories, we also like to make sure that everybody who attends our events doesn't leave without meeting every single person in the room. Yet another reason why investing 2 hours every bi-month with the EPN will accelerate your property investing results. 

If you’re new to property, or perhaps you’re bored of the typical mundane networking events whereby you’re being asked for your credit card at the end, then please come along – IT’S FREE - and find out how networking should really be done. 

Our next event is listed below and to the right, please select the number of tickets you'd like and click on the orange button 'REGISTER'. Our events tend to get fully booked very quickly so don't leave it too close to the date to book. We look forward to meeting you soon. 

For previous and future events please visit our EventBrite Profile Page 


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