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Joint Ventures

Joint Venture Property Investments are largely considered the modern way to invest in property as it allows cash investors that perhaps lack knowledge, experience or more importantly time, to utilize the know how of Estateducation, the UK’s Bespoke Property Investing Company that through strategic, sophisticated and educated property investing is earning annualized returns of 30%+.

Every property investor is different – Some like a fixed rate of return within a set period of time, others a monthly income with an equity pot or perhaps a lump sum through flipping. Estateducation has joint venture opportunities to appeal to all (subject to FCA PS13/3 regulations), with all capital secured within the bricks and mortar value or open market value of each property.

The investment types, areas, demographics and returns vary as we tend to invest in both residential and non-residential properties whereby we can transform the asset value via creative properties strategies. Investment opportunities will exist for:

  1. Buy to Let
  2. Buy to Sell
  3. Assisted Sales
  4. Commercial Conversions
  5. HMO Conversions to Sell
  6. Buy-Renovate-Refinance-Repeat
  7. Planning Gains
  8. Local Authority Property
  1. Serviced Accommodation
  2. Below Market Value (BMV)
  3. Student Accommodation
  4. HMOs (Boutique Lets, White/Blue Collar Lets, or Student Lets)
  5. Retirement Accommodation
  6. Title Splits
  7. Auction Property
  8. Regeneration Projects

Working with a number of private equity investors, we focus on investment and development opportunities primarily in Norwich. By employing an outside of the box approach that focuses on returns, diversification and reputation we’re able to produce substantial returns on equity invested for our joint venture partners. 

Our model is unique in that we manage the lifecycle of the investment - from sourcing the property, managing the administration of the paperwork, arranging the leverage-able good debt (such as a bridging loan), progressing the purchase to successful exchange and completion, undertaking the construction work, interior design and furnishings in-line with HSE and CDM 2015 regulations, handling the tenanting and on-going management or sale, and lastly calculating the tax returns of the venture - ensures a quality, sophisticated and sustainable high yielding investment product.   

With just 5 simple steps, we transform POTENTIAL into PROFIT:

jv steps  

As a company we have core investing principles when it comes to joint ventures - security of capital, shared control and documentation to name a few - as it's important we deliver on the expectations placed upon us. We look for and invest in tangible property investments that provide various exit strategies thus providing strong returns over medium to long term periods. For a detailed review of our investing principles and a case study of one of our joint ventures please download the 'About Joint Venture Investing' guide to the right of this page. 

As per FCA guidelines (FCA PS13/3), joint venture property investing is not available to everyone, and investors have to qualify in the form of being a high net worth individual (HMWI), sophisticated investor, or be a corporate body and have an active UK Company registered with Companies House. For further information, or for assistance in self-certifying we can help so please either register your interest below or download a copy of the 'About Joint Venture Investing' guide to the right of this page and we'll be in touch to discuss.  

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