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About Estateducation

about estateducation

Estateducation is not your average run of the mill company. It’s forward thinking, innovative and loves everything property.

We love to be different; we embrace change and encourage learning. We don't know everything (nobody does) and neither do we claim to. What we know is from what we’ve done. We’re property investors, developers, landlords, sourcers, joint venture partners, trainers, mentors, property & asset managers, portfolio builders, networkers, bloggers and innovators.


Estateducation’s vision is not to be the UK’s leading property investing, networking and educational company.

Instead we prefer to be known as the UK’s bespoke property investing, networking and educational company that provides a vibrant and fun culture to both its fellow property investors and colleagues.



Estateducation’s mission is to provide a vibrant and fun culture to our fellow property investors and colleagues through a devotion to outstanding service and support.


Estateducations' values are to be
straight forward, diligent, analytical, professional and assertive at all times.


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